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In today’s scientific world people believe on any theories or calculation which are scientifically proved. The new generation is no more believing on traditional rites & rituals but they are trying to scientifically investigate and proof before practicing any traditional ritual. For the benevolence of human beings many saints have given us knowledge from various fields in the form of Vedas, Puranas, Sangreh, Upnishad etc. Our Indian Jyotish Shastra and its various forms are also the result of the deep research of our priest/saints but the scientifically proven theories are not provided due to which many people who don’t believe are criticizing. Therefore, few people amongst us who have faith on the traditional rituals are trying to research and proof the facts given to us by our saints. Our aim on the other hand is to bring forward the predictions, reasons and remedies of lal kitab jyotish with scientific proofs and everyday examples in simple language to the common men.

Why Shiv Gauri Ratan

After the completion of the course along with the certification the students understands the scientific aspects of jyotish. They come to know the hidden aspects of various rites and rituals that are part of a normal life and help others to understand the same. The most important thing is that they learn how to play with the planets, illusions, depression as well as with the negative rays.

Course Curriculum
Lal Kitab

Shiv Gauri Ratan undertakes courses which are divided into 3 parts. In the first part, we explain about jyotish and primarily about the basic fundamentals of lal kitab grammar, where the untouched aspects of lal kitab grammar are logically and scientifically explained. The second part comprises of predictions in which by taking help of the basic grammar we teach how to calculate the predictions. The last but not the least we teach the students about the planets, the effect of surroundings on various planets and after prediction how to rectify the causes.

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