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Welcome to Your Astro Help.com

As per our name we are here to help you in field of astrology, Anything you want to know related to effect of the planets in our life or solution related to those planet can be easily found with us. Your Astro Help is formally known as Shiv Gauri Ratan Which is founded by Mr. Ravindera Rawat in 2007.

RAVINDERA RAWAT was born and brought up in uttarkhand. He worked and researched on the land of Gods and learned the accuracy of Astrological calculation. Since then he has founded and established SHIV GAURI RATTAN. More than thirteen years of his studies and teaching Astrology successfully and brilliantly has ultimately satisfied people. He is versed in his calculations and strictly observes his fundamentals of his art. ....Read more

Astro Voice

स्वप्न में आम के वृक्ष का देखना जीवन में मिलने वाले संतान सुख की ओर संकेत करता है l

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